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Termite Inspections

We are licensed and fully Insured to carry out full timber pre-purchase inspections when you are looking at purchasing your new home or a rental property, after the inspection we supply you with a comprehensive written report on the result of our inspection.

We also carry out termite inspections on houses to detect any termite activity in or within the proximity of your residence.   We are also able to test drill trees for termite nests and treat the nests with an approved termicide.We will uncover any termite damage visible in the property, also identify conditions that are attractive to termites and advise how to reduce the risk of termite attack.

Pest Inspections are preformed strictly in accordance with the australian standard  AS 3660.2.2000 and AS 4349.3
Regular inspections are the most important part of controlling termites before they do extensive damage.  Therefore:

  • arrange regular inspections – at least once a year in cooler areas and twice a year in warmer areas
  • inspect during periods of high termite activity - early spring toearly autumn is generally the best
  • keep the edges of the house (slabs, foundation, piers and stumps) clear of clutter, including garden beds and vegetation
  • professional pest controllers are trained in inspecting houses for termite activity - use their services